Etn Nigerian users


This is Nigerian users forum. Feel free to interact and give suggestions.


Thank you very much. How much is ETN in naira now?


We a very large community. The biggest in Africa


Hmmmm. You know better sir. But I think it’s less than 3 kobo


It shouldn’t be, I bought some last at #6 per coin when it was $0.0023. Now it is around $0.05, the price should be higher.


U r right bro. But it depends on d seller n ur bargaining power


Where r u in Nigeria?


Welcome aboard to all Nigerian supporters of Electroneum! It’s a pleasure to see such strong support in Nigeria of this very exciting and rapidly growing community of ETN users. Onward and upward! :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:


Bro Jeff u r highly wlcm. It’s a pleasure meeting u here.


I am from Imo State but I am a student of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ebonyi State


Sunee, how do you come to 3 kobo above?


Where did you see 1ETN @3Kobo


I tire ooo. Hope he know what he’s saying sha Bcos 2.0naira self u no see buy


Lol. I love you bro… They way we transact is always cool. Bargain and bid the price!!!