ETN News Update


Fight The ETN Dump Club!

Always nice to hear from Richard @ETNCEO . Exciting times ahead.


Buying double airtime for ETN!!

Its happening… :smile:


Everybody hold on, we are about to take off! :rocket::rocket::rocket:


great news this is

everyone should be buying now ready for the release of the instant payment


Did you hear that? Marketing hasn’t even started and we already have our first mobile service provider integration on the way!

My gosh… Tell you what, this project is for mass adoption right? Talking 300 million users in the next 3-4 years with this speed. Early investors as at now is over 2 million. Not a bad idea if this project makes us over 2 million millionaires in 5 years time :wink::grinning::yum:

Hold guys, HOLD!!!


Doesn’t matter how many ETN you’re holding; 10, 200, 3,000, 40,000, 500,000, 6,000,000ETN etc… You are never going to regret starting this sail with @ETNCEO


Richard’s enthusiasm, earnestness and confidence are so contagious. If I hadn’t run out of fiat I would be running to buy more as we speak, just as I have done every other time . . .


Absolutely fantastic news yet again. It just keeps getting better and better.
Electroneum is going to be massive :wink:


People are talking about internett 3.0 …we are internett 3.0 Happy days


I really like it when Richard makes a video for all of us again with News :blush: One day he will make a video that we reached the Ells Galaxy :rocket::cowboy_hat_face:


I like the IDEA that when they post VIDEO to ETN Facebook channel or make a live video - everybody from 137 000 fans get a notification at Facebook - its good marketing how to show some progress for people who dont wantch our media channels every day…


good plan for the official launch :slight_smile:


Other good thing is that we have now over 2 300 000 mail adress - so when we have some monster deal it will be funny pump - much bigger than this SUNDAY :smiley:
Couldnt wait this till happend


Thanks for the share…