ETN-Network Security Breach Update

UPDATE (17 SEP 2021)

Breach notifications have been sent out from keeping emails separate from our other transactional or informational emails. Remember it is good practice to never click on a link in any email. Copy and paste URLs that you trust. Only visit or use the app to log in.


We can confirm that following on from our recent communications regarding anomalous network activity on 10 September 2021, we have now been contacted by the alleged unauthorised actor/actors who claim responsibility for this criminal intrusion (via a vulnerability in a third party application) and a potentially serious security breach affecting less than 0.2% of our users, who have already been contacted by us directly.

These issues occurred due to a criminal cyber-attack breaching security via a third-party software vendor’s application that resulted in unauthorised access to the system. In addition to attempted theft of ETN, the hackers make claims to have obtained names, ETN balances, ETN Online Wallet addresses, encrypted (one way) passwords, PINs, email addresses, FACEBOOK/GOOGLE/APPLE login emails (if used), mobile phone numbers, recovery email addresses, total transactions, country, timezone, dates of access and potentially other information including the KYC or other information uploaded.

We are working diligently to verify the full extent of these claims, however, we feel it is prudent for us to alert you of our concerns sooner rather than later.

We have already communicated directly with the relevant ETN Users.

Please be assured that no ETN User Online Wallet balances have been adversely impacted by this criminal intrusion.

Please continue to follow all previous guidance regarding changing your unique password, PIN and consider cold storage of your ETN. ETN-Network has provided guidance to ETN users on how to safely store their ETN in an offline (cold storage) wallet in a manner which is not vulnerable to cyber-attacks. These are also known as paper wallets. It is recommended that you do not store large amounts of cryptocurrency on ANY live system (such as leaving in an exchange wallet, or any type of custodial wallet). Please also familiarise yourself with our Best Practice guidance.

Please continue to remain vigilant for phishing emails - it is always best to verify the legitimacy of any email you receive. Never attempt to log in unless you are on or the official ETN-App.

Amongst all this activity, please know that our overriding objective is to protect the ETN Community at all times.

Any further updates will be made on the ETN-Network Community Forum.

We will continue to work with all regulatory authorities, law enforcement and other specialist security providers to protect the ETN-Network Community.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and consternation caused and assure you that keeping the ETN community safe and secure is paramount to all we do.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Ells
For and on behalf of ETN-Network


Thanks for updating us on this. Hopefully the security measures will be tightened and further penetration test done on the ETN Network servers.


Thx for update… hope that first and last time :+1::muscle::beers:


Great news! I’m going to buy more Electroneum now.

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