ETN Music Video 🎬 + Article



Huge hat tip to @MSystem and @LETmusic



Thank you Jeff,

It was a team effort, special thanks to all who helped, you know who you are :heart::heart::heart: I am very proud to be part of this community.



OMG that is a game changer and a ground breaker. I will love to post the video around on the web so i hope you will let me do that


Of course, please feel free to share. :+1::+1:


Watching this video makes our vision of mass adoption look sooo real. Everyday my heart beats faster to it’s actualization :+1::+1::smile::smile:


At every blockchain conference pay for play this spot :smiley: and we have milions of new people get involved :wink:


I believe it is a bit of a boxing match intro sound, a little exaggerated. :slight_smile:


I understand everyone has different tastes. I would love to see/hear your music idea.



The video is spot on though.


Thank you Jeff!



I watched the video and listened to the lyrics once again, and it grows on me actually. :smiley:


wooooooo love this!!


music shared on my timeline and on twitter


This is quite beautiful! Well done.


If everyone from 2 milion majke the same we can recruit at least everyone 3 people and have 6 000 000 new people - team only need to send link to this video via mail and bring some news - for example that is iOS ready and start of cloud mining, or brind some partnership in real life :wink:


Thank you for all the positive support and feedback! I cannot wait to see all that is just ahead for Electroneum. Onward and upward!!


Team can send this video via email. Plus send link to interview with AL about tech. And also info about 2 exchanges (liquid and sistemkoin) and pairing with FIAT. I think that every one need to know and maybe ask our supporters if they can send this amazing video to their friends… :slight_smile: last mail I have from September I think. And in the mail send some info about kyc put there link to FAQ here and that they are welcome here at the forum if they have some questions or problems :slight_smile:


It is a catchy tune and I like it a lot!


I want see this video at some TV channel or at Facebook pay some advertising to this… :slight_smile: