ETN moon lambo party group



Electronites (20 char thang)


Maybe an Audi listing…seeing as they bought out the vehicle side of Lamborghini!


Just don’t borrow money, because then you’ll know. LOl.


If you do Nexo is probably a good choice.
Were voting to be listed.


When ETN moons, I wont be looking to buy Lambo or Ferrari, this is my love-Audi RS3


Ill be a little bit more fuel conscious, more practical.
Nissan S Cargo


This decision is because of the age difference :stuck_out_tongue:


No…it is a very sexy ride!


A Chick Magnet…


I do like the Nissan Cube, that’s a very cool looking vehicle. I see a few about. Wicked style.


This is the one im considering next week(seriously)


It will be 5 years old.
Not expensive (7/8k US $)


Big fan of that mate, what is the model we don’t have them here (obviously).


Ford falcon FG.
Thats a 2014 model.


For me IF we’re talking more along the lines of a super sports car, hands down the Telsa Roadster.


620 miles per charge, no emissions, 250+ mph etc.

I’ll add although I love it’s style and the top speed is impressive, I’d buy it more to support research and development enhancing the technology and spreading the word about ev’s being the most viable cars of the future. I can’t wait till they hit level 5 autonomy for self driving, that will be awesome to see.

But if a regular car then I’d be aiming at a blue Tesla Model 3 long range awd.


I’m more of an off-road kinda guy, so maybe another one of these…:rocket::crescent_moon: