ETN moon lambo party group


This is where we come to party when ETN Moon Lambo happens.


Let’s go to ATH and Beyond


what is your Lambo price??


$2000 skoda :wink: hehehehe!


Well, I am all about Tesla am I still welcome? Lol


I think I’d like a new cycle, that will do for me! :bike:


I’ll buy this until we get there. It’s a symbol of what’s to come!


I’m too ambitious l and it’s going to help me


I already have everything I need except a job. I will pay off my house at $0.20 USD


Grow that beard back and you can be Santa! Ok, it’s not in your specialist field…but…it’s a great beard!


I already was santa for many years the bag of toys is too heavy now.


I forgot, the biker run. Man I played a Christmas party for Three Biker Chapters a few years ago. It was the most frightening gig I have ever played until I met a lot of them after. I sat drinking and chatting with them. Damn fine bunch of people…despite looking like murderers! Books and covers eh!


That is why all the fine women like us


I’m still hovering to get to my target


Just watched the new video, great job Brother. Very informative. Stay blessed!


One love brother thanks for the support


Always. Keep going, you are great.


Please post link here


#MoonBoysUnited :+1: :grinning:


At the moment ETN are full steam ahead with several Fiat listings.

Hopefully there can soon be Ferrari listing (when ETN starts to moon and if Lamborghini is not your preferred choice of poison).

Now lets put some Pedal to the Metal!!!