ETN mobile top up now available in Uganda, Nigeria and Tanzania

Partnering with third-party airtime and data providers, we have launched ETN mobile top up on all major mobile operators across Uganda, Nigeria and Tanzania, providing nearly 100% coverage of subscribers in the African regions. Check out the full article here:

Great news. ETN rocks…


Ii especially liked the “Top four in user numbers” reference used from the Kucoin blog. Anything other than Bitcoin or Bitcoin Gold or Bitcoin cash. Remember that when FUD fighting guys. Another impressive step forward on the road to mass adoption. It’s nice to think that today and forward people will be getting a little extra to spend on their families on what they will save on their phone bill.


This is seriously awesome!!!


More countries this year is still on the cards then :slight_smile:.

I’d like it if the team published more of the stats around adoption such as the $30,000 USD in ETN to airtime top ups last month in Brazil alone. Not only does it give us confidence in the approach but it shows solid growth to potential speculators


Agreed @M44FFW that said while we are in here waiting for things to moon they are actually busy getting what ever project they are on done and moving to the next. I am happy with this news because they are actually getting ETN in to the hands of more people. Without that happening the coin will never grow as it actually needs real world use and not just a bunch of investors that gobble up coins and then sit on them ( although we are doing that too) these things take time but soon they will be worldwide (3-5 years) maybe sooner and then ETN will have millions of daily interactions with a healthy ecosystem. That is when we all win!!!


ETN being in Nigeria is a great deal. My support for ETN over the past months has been because of what it stands for; real financial inclusion.

However, another aspect that needs more attention is integrating payment method on woocommerce. I have tried but the available plugin does not support Nigerian Naira at the moment. Kindly look into it.

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Thats not used @lkelemen, its an old beta implementation before the IPS was released, nothing to do with the current instant payment system…

NGN is in the list of accepted curencies for the API so you need to ask the person who made the Woo addon:

or here:

OK. sorry for the mixup @BegaMutex @user1205
I deleted my previous post so nobody goes to the wrong page

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Hello guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Don’t even lurk anymore, kinda been under a rock for months working every hour, working two jobs, trying to save for some important personal projects. It’s working, but the literal 20 hour days are starting to catch up with me and taking its toll (I usually sleep 00:00-04:20) Looking forward to taking a break over Christmas! Had some time today, so I thought I’d drop by to share some ramblings and thoughts on the recent developments with regard to branching out into Uganda and Tanzania. So here goes. I really think the NGO trusted moderated mining approach that has been formulated and implemented is nothing short of genius. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anytask is gunna be better than we can imagine. And help so many people to grow. I hope it gets flooded with workshop courses and how-to vids. I’m hoping that the NGOs will be listing paid videos about their project goals and current activity. Kinda like the etn version of patreon. o we can learn more about them and pay to watch their efforts and ongoing work on the ground. Would be an excellent way to help fund them and drive the resources and success for them all. It’s gunna be epic. A perfect ecosystem. After all. It kinda now all rides on it working. And I think there is more than a good chance. As it seems to have been well thought out. (They’ve had time) :slightly_smiling_face::smirk:

I can’t wait to start using the platform and getting involved there. On that note! Here’s a wild one… Anyone want to start a better bananas delivery service company with me?. :sunglasses: We find farmers growing alternative varieties in Uganda and Tanzania. Contract them to start planting more of the less common varieties. (As currently pretty much all bananas sold commercially around the world are from the same clone, a stable but fairly tasteless cutting from a Cavendish plant. And is at a high risk of dying out dew to disease owing to it being a monoculture genetic cul-de-sac) :face_with_monocle:

We would need to social engineer the demand a bit, by spreading awareness of the issue. Then sell directly to consumers using the subscription / weekly delivery model. Partnering with a popular exciting vegbox doorstep company would be a good move. It sould be an easy business plan to cobble together. And with the fair trade and ecological diversity it would offer. We could entertain funding bids as currently capital for these types of ventures is greater than ever. We could even encourage the better banana project (link below) or one of the NGOs working with farmers there, to put in a request for electroneum to consider them for mining too. :handshake:

So we all know that the current top 3 ‘gig work’ websites are mostly unprofitable. Etn have a real chance to explode in this industry. taking a huge chunk of their market share away, while at the same time not having to chase those profits. Operating with lower overheads than the current market leaders, with savings passed onto end users. I’m hoping that the scope of anytask will be wider and further reaching than just gig work and services, offered on the current sites. I see it potentially being a cross between that and a crowd funding and social development space / hang out platform. It doesn’t need to conform to the current platform’s standards, so why not be bold. Anyway I’m sure we’ll all be seeing some really creative stuff their soon and some really imaginative offers by the users / community!

Idea for an NGO:

Anyway I’ll sign off for now, probably a longer post than I’ve ever made before, maybe compensating for being AWOL. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:.

Looking forward :sunglasses:

:raised_hands::raised_hands: :raised_hands::raised_hands:

P.S. can you tell I really like bananas?? :joy:

L8rs 3bab… x

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