ETN Mobile Partner in South Africa

Hi Everyone!

We have a South African mobile operator ready to run an Electroneum trial right now. We want to bring Electroneum to a much larger audience in South Africa, so we just want to know, would you be interested in taking part?

  • Help make South Africa our first mobile trial/test country
  • Be part of the start of our global mass adoption push
  • We have a large ETN community in South Africa - but is there the demand for mobile network integration?


  • Would you like to use your mined ETN to buy your mobile minutes & data?
  • We have a mobile operator ready to run a trial right now, so we just want to know, would you be interested in taking part?

Become an ETN Pioneer!

  • Be part of our first ever live mobile operator trial!
  • No cost to you for your participation and you will receive free minutes / data and a free mobile SIM

The mobile operator has asked us to send out this email to gauge the level of interest in ETN in South Africa, as they want to judge the size of the trial.
So please help out by letting us know, by either clicking the relevant link below (please note, there is no specific landing page for this - we are going to analyse the YES and NO based on the clicks - you will either visit our home page for YES or our login page for NO).

YES I’d be interested in taking part

NO I’m not interested in being part of the revolution

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback

As always, thanks for supporting Electroneum!

Have a great day everyone,

Richard Ells


PS This is a really huge deal for Electroneum, so clicking that link makes you part of the catalyst for change and directly responsible for the future adoption of ETN!

Awesome, thanks for sharing! :flushed::star_struck:


Great if this suceed we can have 3 Pioneering country - Sout Korea 10 000 users, Honk kong 10 000 users and South Africa 10 000 users and now just imagine if this trial stage will be succesful.
Game changer for all of us - bcs all from this countries are rich and if only 100 persons from each will buy ETN coins for 1000$ you can have 100+100+100= 300 * 1000$ purchase = 300 000 usd…


Great if we start be more active in South africa maybe one day we beat MPESA and will be fully adopted. We than need go to Egypt and Nigeria - 2 most population country in Africa…

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And than add too turkey and Brazil too trial period with some operator :slight_smile:

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