ETN Mobile Mining Population Speculations


New to community but very excited to join in on ETN discussions! I am curious to get opinions on what population sizes may look like by the end of the year and how they may increase in following years?

P.S. My mobile miner currently reads 120,001 Active Miners

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I’ve been using it for a bit over a month now, and I’ve witnessed it go from that down to something closer to 100000 and then back to about 120000. And I have noticed the payout correlation from about .25ETN at 100000 and about .18ETN at the higher level. These are all rough estimates as I can remember them, but I think it’s safe to say this price fluctuation will keep users from increasing too rapidly. I can see it hitting 160000 by the end of the year. Just my guess


Thanks for input! I think that end of year population would make a lot of sense but can definitely see a negative feedback loop dynamic based on the decreased payout like you mentioned. I’ve only been using the app for about a week and a half and am currently getting around 0.28-0.3 at a simulated hash/sec of 40-41 (not sure how much H/s varies device-to-device).


Yea my device sticks around 30, so it’s safe to say theres definitely some variance


I have my device at 38 - 39 H/s but when ever I minimize my app to do some other things, it stops.


Salut, au plus haut j’ai vu 175 000 utilisateurs .