ETN mobile miner


hey everybody im totally new here and Ive decided to make a discussion about the cool patent ETN has exclusively made (the mobile miner) !!!! yes its amazing experiment actually and right now while posting i keep the miner working for me which is actually amazing but although i really enjoyed it (and who didnt :rofl::wink: !?) i still got some questions not solved yet
yes i know that the process on phones isnt actual mining its all about simulation but do you think the company calculate this and connect the phones for rigs or ASICs to solve blocks and collect some ETN on the go?
how these mined coins are actually extracted by the phones, whats the actual mechanism, why itsnt clear enough to the public
waiting for your opinions…


The coins for the Mobile mining platform are a pre-mine done at the start of the blockchain. There are 7billion coins that will be distributed over the years.

At some point after reaching 10ETN in your miner, it will disappear from your balance and be sent to the miner wallet.


I was mining on my iPhone and iPad via a mobile miner app roughly 6 months ago using the following link:


Then one day the link stopped working. Does anybody know if it is possible to retrieve my mined ETN or is it lost in ‘crypto-space’ for good.


They have been closed for awhile, see here -


Cheers for that info Danny


but if i was right the stratum pools are for pc CPU mining
how you managed to mine ?
which software you used to mine with this method ?
and how you mined without heating your phone to death !!!?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It was my first and only ever attempt at mining, I would alternate between the iPad and the phone when they were getting hot. There was a way to load the link bypassing apple authorisation.


but this is fatal to the devices you use and im sorry to tell you now that the algorithm used in these pools is not available now to mine ETN
try to find a way to withdraw mined coins before its too late