ETN Mining Bots


Hey All,

This is my first post so apologies if i make any mistakes.

The recent interview Richard Ells did contained some great questions and better answers. ETN has overcome every minor hurdle they faced and I personally have nothing but confidence in the project. :slight_smile:

There was a point where Richard had mentioned that they are having issues with the Mobile Mining App (reduced payouts) and bots. He stated that they are working towards a way round using cloud mining. So on that i have a few questions.

  1. Will cloud (simulated) mining replace the app completely?
  2. What are bots exactly? Are these just servers or phones automatically running the app?
  3. Why have the payments reduced?

I am curious about the reduced payments, not for myself as i dont really use it that much but more so for the unbanked who will now be seeing hardly any gains whilst this issue is addressed.


  1. It will not replace the app. It can replace the functionality of how the mining happens in the app. The app will always be crucial part of ETN since it allows instant payments and same interface for every user.
  2. If he is talking about bots. I think he certainly means miners that are running on virtual machines that are trying to appear as a smartphone. But one person running multiple phones is an issue also.
  3. The ETN team has full control over the amount of payments of the mobile miner. So I would like to think they have reduced the reward a bit for now untill they have dealt with the bots.

I hope this helps :v:


The app is also vital to creating viral marketing and driving users into the etn economy.