ETN mining and the developing world


I have been looking at annual salaries worldwide and have decided to stop mining electroneum, as what little I earn from mining will make no difference to my living standards, whereas a few dollras a month would be off great benefit to some people in the developing world. Its nothing short of genius for ETN to target the unbanked and developing regions in terms of customer base size…Here is a sample of annual wages worldwide.

Kenya – $769 per year, population 40,862,900
Bangladesh – $609 per year, population 164,425,491
Nepal – $526, population 29,852,682
Uganda – $503 per year, population 33,796,461
Mozambique – $410 per year, population 23,405,670
Ethiopia – $350 per year, population 84,975,606

Here is a link should you be interested in GDP from around the world…


Wow, it makes you stop and think doesn’t it. Electroneum will hopefully have a massive impact on these economies.


Or another and better solution is keep collecting and find some people from your chosen region and make a giveaway for better popularity in this area and help us much faster gain our goal. Mass adoption of ETN :slight_smile:


It certainly does, the above list is just a snippet, four african and two asian countries, but if you add the populations together it comes to around 380 million people, potential future ETN users. If you loo at India, average salary is $1670 USD per month, and population of 1.3 billion. I know these are average figures, and that all the populous will not be potential users ie babies, children etc…


Thats a good idea, use mined ETN to create more users…


Crazy to think a mere $3 a month is almost 10% extra earning for millions and millions of people. Not to mention during that year, ETN accumulated from previous months would be way more than $3 if the prics of the coins go up.


Maybe call it adopt a friend/friends in need? We can send our mining income to someone who needs it more? So, I would like to see a list of people who donate and list of friends in need/ Just think of the ripple effect something like this could have?


I agree, while I like mining ETN myself, I do feel a bit guilty that by doing so - as someone on a reasonable salary by world standards and living in a developed country - I’m depriving an unbanked person potentially in much greater need of those coins.

That said, if I use the mined coins to promote ETN and maybe build a business or create a service which accepts ETN as means of payment I could help to grow awareness of it, helping to spread the word to people who may need it more than I do.