ETN Miner Update !


Mobile miner update: Minimum payout is moving from 10 ETN to 100 ETN.
_ This enables us to streamline user onboarding, helping us to achieve mass adoption quicker._
Good New News :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Any thoughts about the new update?



Personally think it is a good step, but we will for sure have a lot of FUD because of this from impatient people.


I can not understand it why it is good!
If i coukd choose i mined directly to my wallet with zero etns pending !


Good move with the price so low. I’m sure this will be adjusted as price fluctuates to ensure everyone receives a payment at least once a month. The amount of transactions fees alone prolongs the airdrop pool significantly (or so I would assume)


its good i think because it could be a perfect to people who mining ETN with more account or other fuds etc so yea it will be a hard little bit to get some ETN but in general i think it will be good move to the project >


I guess mobile miners won’t be able to sell their coins on exchanges so quickly so by doing that maintain the ETN in their ecosystem.


Anyone have any idea as to how this actually streamlines user on boarding? What benefits does this change actually have?


if an average phone gets 10etn in 3ays then the minimum payout of 100etn take a whole month to withraw… not a problem for me


First of all as you can see the low price for ETN on trading I think it will improve that , by another hand every 10 ETN has a transfer fee I guess so every day actually they paying fee for no sense by this update I think that will be solved and the price will stabilize at some point .yea I know it’s little bit hard now to get some but I think the rating of the mining will increase this is what I think .


Do you think they are doing it so people will have enough on a payout to pay off a phone bill


i don’t think so > the best sake for this in my opinion to reduce the blockchine transactions which is lacking on millions of 10 ETN you know .


Well that would divide it by a factor of 10 on the Mobile Miner side!