ETN marketcap calculations and future


Can someone do some math here, in order to reach ETN to USD 1, how much market cap requires by ETN and what will be the maximum amount of coin available, some claims coin has ability to surpass bitcoin in next few years, does it really calculate able technically?


The market cap of any coin is price x circulating supply. The maximum number of coins that can ever circulate is called ‘maximum supply’.


Its entirely possible that ETN could surpass Bitcoin but highly unlikely anytime soon.

Saying where the price will be a few years from now is basically impossible and a wild guess, also we have no idea how much Bitcoin will be worth then it could be worth considerably more or less…

Taking the current circulating supply which as of now would be 8,213,450,368 and then multiplying that by 1 for 1usd would be the same number so the market cap would be $8,213,450,368 so if it went to $1 per coin now that would put us above Bitcoin Cash, we would be ranked 4th on coin market cap. But my math is horrible someone please let me if I have done this wrong.