ETN KYC - I need your help please?

Hi everyone, i really need some help - i’ve been trying to get to level 3 compliance for exactly 1 year now and every time i am rejected, i have sent numerous bank account statements, drivers licence, proof of how much i earn. ALL REJECTED.

The latest was
"Reviewer’s comment:
Please can you provide further documentation providing evidence of source of income for the period of time for the purchase of the ETN shown on your wallet.

Your source of funds document should be less than 3 months old.

What we can accept:

Recent payslip (or recent accounts if self employed)
Letter from employer indicating salary
Recent bank statement"

So how do i prove that i used my earned BTC from my bitcoin miners and deposited the BTC in to Cryptopia (a now defunct NZ exchange) to buy my ETN with - the ONLY proof i have is that my transactions all came from Cryptopia in lots of 49999, 49997, 49998 etc that was all cryptopia would let me send in each transaction (Any amount under 50,000 ETN). I’m very lucky i transferred them out, but now i’m stuck at level 3 KYC and literally no way to prove where it all came from because i cannot access my BTC or ETN transactions history in Cryptopia - please help? any suggestions?
This is extremely stressful and quite upsetting - please be nice.


Transaction hashes would cover the complete “paper trail” of BTC mining to cryptopia and ETN from cryptopia to wallet.

Cryptopia trade documentation is out of your control at the moment and possibly indefinitely. Unfortunately a side effect of an early unregulated space.

Hard Lesson in CYA

Thats just it, there has to be thousands of transaction hashes for the BTC and i wouldnt even know how or where to start without my Cryptopia logs to show all that. We’re talking about 2 years of hashes to Cryptopia. Very upsetting and in unknown waters here.

Sounds like a day trading nightmare but, that’s the reality of it. That’s exactly what traditional day traders have to do when they file their tax returns. Theres software to help manage the data but it’s a real burden no less.

I will say if Electroneum kyc/aml is your first brush with this, you better prepare for more especially from your local tax authority

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