ETN is the future

I am sure etn wil be the cryptocurrency for daily use.There are many reasons to beleive this,it is in 20 languages,easy to get some etn by mobile mining,strongest community,very good team.
I am sure the team wil do everything to achieve mas adoption.EVERYTHING.

In some weeks I can also celebrate my 1year anniversary with etn :muscle:t3:

Marketing of electroneum started.
We have the strongest community of al coins.We should as the etn community do more promotion for etn.A lot of members are daily on telegram but we should also post more on social media about electroneum.iself post almost everyday a bittube or yotube video on my fb page.
I find there should be a community campaign to promote etn.
Etn is made for mas adoption but we have only a limited time to make it happen or an other project wil do it.At this moment etn is the the best position to do it but i don’t see much promotion from the community itself happening.I hope someone comes with a project to change that.

Super bowl dave are those youtuber who give support to etn during ico…but in times of FUD specifically on the delay of releasing mobile wallet , he’s the one i saw who give shit about etn and mr ells… Doubting credibility of mr ells and make an negative assumption of etn wil exit scam… That day ill unsub on his channel…nver thought he’s alive :rofl: