ETN is the future


ETN will be the top #1 cryptocurrency in whole world. Mass adoption. They have a plan that can really succeed



That’s the spirit bro, cheers!!!


Great spirit mate!

I would be careful though saying that it will be the number one for sure as the future is uncertain.

I’m sure most of us will be more than happy to see etn in the top 10. Don’t forget etn is not only the single cryptocurrency with a working project, there are others which will have their use.

I’m a great supporter of etn and will always stand behind the team.


Very true. What i’m saying is that ETN got a lot of potential for #1. Same with many other coins but especially Electroneum :wink:


Once fully developed, Electroneum will not only a cryptocurrency, but a whole ecosystem of alternative, blockchain-based exchange.

They are not only creating the currency system, but also creating ways to spend your ETN and ways for new vendors to easily come on board and start accepting ETN. In addition, they are creating ways for users to earn ETN through the mobile miner and the gig economy website.

The market for a system like this exists, as can be seen by the large adoption rate of MPesa and the likes. Add to that ETN’s mobile-centric approach, and you have a winning recipe.

This ecosystem is going places, and I for one am extremely excited!


Awesome staff, I prefer top 10 as well for ETN


@Pome I am seeing ETN heading there also i fully believe in Richard the ETN team and our amazing community to reach the mass adoption they are aiming for :rocket:


This is true. Just invest in electroneum, spread the word and watch as it reaches the top and you get rich for making the smart choice :wink:


I’ve just bought another £100 this morning while the price is rock bottom.
I have 75k ETN now and happy enough with that amount.
Just need to play the waiting game now.


You made a good choice today @Zero7 :blush::+1:


75k thats a lot i’m only holding 23k bought in at 3 cents would buy more but as a student i don’t have much to spend :stuck_out_tongue:

But that 23k ETN will be worth 23k USD some day HODL :wink:


You hit the nail on the head. The most exciting part of the project is the ecosystem they aim at building!


I’m a student also that couldn’t afford any etn but got blessed by winning a contest sponsored by electroneum through their partner- Fanfare. You should check out Fanfare global and get in too since ETN is partnered with them.


That is correct! Looking forward to it.


The journey has begun and looking forward to the road ahead!


ETN baby… ETN all the way


There’s a guy on Youtube going by the name of Super Bowl Dave who has made some great videos about electroneum. I recommend watching his vid titled “How Electroneum Will Transcend The Current Paradigm”. In that video he tells you why the ETN naysayers are wrong and shares some unique insights into why ETN will succeed! (I can’t post links here, so just copy & paste the heading in quotes into the Youtube search bar).


Dito. No1 crypto payment.


I have 100k etn, defenitly it will touch to moon


@Love_Electroneum I think it will reach beyond the moon! :rocket: :new_moon_with_face: