ETN is the future and the future is NOW


Being in a bearish market, there is a lot of fud around crypto in general. However, it’s clear to me that crypto IS the future and to be more precise, ETN IS our future currency.

My reasoning is quite simple. We live in a world of highly advanced digital technology. We can see the faces of our loved ones on the other side of the world in real time, INSTANTLY. We can write a message or upload a video that can be viewed by millions, in real time, INSTANTLY. We’ve built technology that can travel out of our atmosphere. We’ve even built AI robots that you couldn’t tell apart from a human. Yet when you send fiat currency, wherever you are in the world, it takes weeks to arrive and has to go through three different institutions before it arrives at its destination.

Fiat currency is a dinosaur. It’s inflated, outdated and no longer matches our current advanced lifestyles. With all this technology, the world has become a small place. People travel and every time they land somewhere new, they exchange one fiat currency for another. It no longer makes sense.

What does make sense is to move with the times and only blockchain technology matches our digital lifestyles. Secure payments that you are 100% in control of, that travel INSTANTLY anywhere in the world. One digital currency you can use anywhere.

And who has an INSTANT payment system in the crypto space? Electronuem. Who is the first KYC compliant digital currency in crypto space in order to meet worldwide regulations? Electroneum. And which company in crypto space has a better marketing team than Electroneum? No one. And who is tirelessly working to get new vendors on board to make this amazing coin even better? Electroneum.

Digital currency is the future.
ETN is the digital currency.
The future is now.
Don’t get fooled by the FUD.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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:point_up: This! :ok_hand:


Very nice Description of ETN…Nice…!! :+1:


WoW! that was so fast! got to say ETN is the fastest transfer I’ve experienced in crypto!


Yes I agree with you. Can’t wait to see how the world adopts ETN and what feedback we receive. Majority won’t even know what block chain is and what bitcoin is, but still will be using ETN.


Simply outstanding write up.


That’s such a good point. They don’t need to know how blockchain works, they only need to use ETN. They just need to know it’s a faster, more secure, fairer and superior system. Most people don’t understand how our monetary system works and still use it right. When the masses discover what a ponzi scheme our monetary system is boy will we see a revolution.