ETN is not reachable in INDIA bcz of existing ban on crypto currency by RBI


At first, i am very much happy for being a member of ETN community family.
ETN is built for mass adoption and was on it’s mission already for masses.
Day by day ,entire crypto community started looking at us .
With all the good work,still ETN is not available to Indians,bcz of ban on crypto currency by RBI (India’s central Bank).
As per existing ban,we are unable to get btc to purchase for etn coins…
I completely depended on mobile mining which is a small relief to me…
I have earned 200 etn till now…(i am proud of these)…and constantly spreading among my peers about etn coin.


You are welcome to our ETn family - I just send YOU 100 of mine coins as a thanks you can give me some likes 10 or more here :smiley: Thank you


thank you brother… ur etn is on it’s way to reach us. :blush:
My govt still isn’t recognizing the importance of crypto’s future …
Hope one day ,all my fellows from my place get’s equal freedom ,like same as u people…and enjoy in crypto space.


I feel your trouble. We have same or worse restrictions in buying crypto here too but I was lucky to win a Fastetn contest which loaded me up.
Try using other faucets and convert those coins to etn.

Edit: Bitbns seems to trade smoothly in India. Care to explain?


But there is an Indian exchange that offers ETN, so how does that work?


To my knowledge, there is no ban in India - please DO NOT solicit here as you will be banned for that. As @Pete mentioned you have an Indian exchnage that you can easily buy/sell ETN. So let this serve as a warning user 802d1e9b355dc9210380 @802d1e9b355dc9210380



thank you @Redwan ,for ur suggestion.
But i am having some fear to act against my RBI restrictions…
After discussing with my peers,i will buy some etn from bitbins.
Thank you


As per RBI ,india’s top exchange ZEBPAY ,stopped allowing temporarily for fiat to crypto exchange.
Bitbins is working on peer to peer model (a temporary solution against RBI)
If RBI tightens it’s rules,then Bitbins has to face the similar situation like ZEBPAY.


Yes its why I don’t donate to strangers. They might be good people but you just don’t know.


Yes, strangers can be good and i assume that here in this community all people are good.
@MSystem issued warning to me…which is not expected in a respected community.
Not knowing on the whole ,he just commented.


Most will be but you always get a few that are not, but I will leave that up to the mods to decide :slight_smile: Happy investing in ETN!


Happy investing in ETN!


Just a suggestion but you can change your forum name from random numbers and letters to something personalised :wink:


Thank you for your comment,

I appreciate you being member of this community, however I must respectfully ask you not to solicit any donations from other members. If every member started asking for Electoneum and posting their wallet addresses this place would turn into a very difficult place to discuss any meaningful topics.



U are the second person ,next to Richard where in past he joked on username for being numbers is not an offense :smile:
Actually i tried to change a long before…but couldn’t make it…
If u can guide ,definitely i will do it.
Indirectly this may help others to change their’s too who are yet to do so.


Click on the User button (top right), then click on the cog icon which is called Preferences, then at the top of the next screen you can change your Username by clicking the little Pen icon, and then click ‘change’ button to complete the update.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Actually i could see pen icons next to email, profile picture.
I could not see any pen icon next to username…


Yes seems to be missing? Ask the community support team to see why. See menu at bottom of page to log a support ticket. Alternatively someone might help on this thread.


yes, raised support ticket as suggested.
Will see ,how much time it shall take to get my username as ‘pradeep’.
Thank you @Storm for the time u spent here on me.
Have to purchase some etn on cryptopia…finding ways… :blush:


Yeah while there are never guarantees, I think us early adopters are on to something special here, as well something that will have a positive change on the world. :slight_smile: Cheers