Etn iphone app launching correct time

I think Etn iphone need to be launch soon as the miners decreased day by day and etn price too, so if we need to come back with boom market this is correct time for electroneum iphone app!

I agree. It takes time and a lot of effort but I am confident it will be launched. You see, no one can afford to stay on the side and watch the technology pass by, not even iPhone. The crypto market is slamming dawn wall by wall and the ones left behind shall only lose. The Apple is next.

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Nope nope annnnd nope. :point_up:

Welcome to the world of etn , the coin that delivers.

Who is reading this in 2019? Haha

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Hahaha thats why i commented lol

The dact it says 5 months later and then your comment is very spongebob and comedic timing at its best. Lol. Mkid if you are reading this, I hope you are rejoicing with us. :stuck_out_tongue: