Etn iphone app launching correct time


I think Etn iphone need to be launch soon as the miners decreased day by day and etn price too, so if we need to come back with boom market this is correct time for electroneum iphone app!


I agree. It takes time and a lot of effort but I am confident it will be launched. You see, no one can afford to stay on the side and watch the technology pass by, not even iPhone. The crypto market is slamming dawn wall by wall and the ones left behind shall only lose. The Apple is next.


Remember, it’s not about “chose a date to launch” but “launch when the product is ready to be launched”, it’s not the same, and things have to be done correctly :wink:


I definitely agree. The iPhone app will come,I have no doubt about that.
At the right time and at the right place.


IOS App will have zero effect on Mobile Mining count as there is no Mobile Mining with the IOS App.


The team is working on a cloud mining feature for iOS users that could even be used for Android app later according to what Richard said in a video.


Aware of that but knowing how Apple works it maybe a very long shot if they will ever allow any type of Cloud Mining, air drops or any other way the team can think to give out free coins. I personally am waiting for the day they ban all cryptocurrency from the Apple Store, including all wallets. They will more than likely do this when they offer they own Apple coin. I personally would not put any faith in any App that deals with crypto when it comes to Apple. Still not 100% sure that Apple will even allow the IOS App to be released for ETN. Would not surprise me that they make up some excuse to block our APP all together.