ETN Instant Payment in under 2 Seconds


Hi folks,

Have you seen this awesome video from M-Systems and Jeff Knight?

They transfer 3.4m ETN in under 2 seconds. How cool is that!

M-Systems has written an article on ETN, Apple and the future. Check them both out here:

Thanks both of you, great job!


Great graphics in this we need more videos like this :slight_smile: whats great about the video is I thought the fees were low but I didn’t know they were that low.


Brilliant video , love the look of the iOS app.


Check this out to see the difference it makes to vendors



Awesome stuff and a great article.
Great to see some quality literature on medium!


What a great video, this just shows how quick and easy the App is to use no matter how big or small the purchase is. We are seriously getting ready for greatness :smiley: