ETN Inflation rate p/a

Can anyone tell me what the ETN inflation rate is per year?

And how the funds for mobile mining are provided exactly? Where are they sourced?

I have been looking all over the Internet for many Months for the ETN Emission Curve to no avail. If you have access to it, or you manage to find it somewhere, please be sure to link me to it :+1:

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Just Google it! You might be surprised what pops up.

I am fully versed on the power of Sir Google-a-lot. Unfortunately the curve doesn’t seem to be out there hence my request if she is able to get her hands on it (being an admin here) to send me it.

I find this site really helpful.

I am looking for the Emission Curve though. A chart that shows the block reward reduction over a set timeline. For Example we know the block reward was 12,000 ETN back in May this year and it’s now at approx 10,000 now. But when will it be at 5000 per block or 2000 per block.

As an example i have pasted the GRAFT Coin Emission curve.