ETN in Phnom Penh Post

As part of the accord, Cellcard will stock their shops across the Kingdom with one million Electroneum M1 smartphones.

ETN founder and CEO Richard Ells said in an announcement that Cambodia is part of the company’s business expansion strategy in Southeast Asia.

That is a wow factor right there - 1 million phones

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Olivier tweeted that 1mill phone is not true


lol that is brutal - how did that get printed


yes, sorry to say that is a mistake - we did not write that article or proof read it. Journalists work fast so perhaps the mistake came from M1 ? 1M?
Please don’t let this detract from the fact that we are the ONLY cryptocurrency ever to be referred to as a partner by a major MNO, and the only crypto project to have a hardware device stocked by a major MNO. sales numbers are not critical at this point. It’s all about education.
Thanks all,


Yeah it’s all good. Easy to make mistakes in translation . Outstanding article regardless.

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