Etn helping 'hodlers' cultivate patience

It is said that patience is a virtue. With the current price pendulum of ETN and the long awaited updates, many who did not prior to have this virtue, are gradually cultivating it.
ETN is not only a crypto, but also an attitudinal changer; with it you cannot but be patient. And patience in itself does not pay; what is crucial is what you do while you wait. So, I have decided to HODL if even it HURTS. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the same decision many of us have made! Waiting and watching!


I am not waiting i am accumulating lol


It’s true it hurts. I’ll HODL even it ETN reaches 5 satoshis.
Patience could be fighted by a clear roadmap and not a soon policy. I guess.
Plus if you look at the “Coming soon” section on the actual roadmap, it contains features that could or should have already been released.
I think the team could improve their communication and people will agree to wait another 2-3-6-12 months to terminate the first phase.
Just my opinion.

In the meantime, the best advice I could give is to … forgot about ETN for the rest of the year. And see if someone else talks about it, in the newspaper, a friend, anyone. That would indicates that the marketing has finally started.


If you focus on the business side of ETN, you’ll come to realise price doesn’t matter right now!