ETN Haters Hall of Shame since ICO!


Feels so good to know how far we have come and how much of a shitstorm we had to go through by so many who hated on ETN especially popular youtubers but ETN stayed the course and the team kept on building professionally , they really have done a monumental task to bring us where we are today hats off to the team and the great Electroneum community , Heres a selection of the haters who are now eating HUMBLE PIE , ahhh so satisfying :slight_smile: ENJOY :smiley: :smiley:

There are many more Fud Videos , post a link below if you know one ive missed !

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Thanks for posting all of them. Such a good feeling when you know how wrong they are :slight_smile:



Absolutely pat on every ETN holders back for staying the course and believing in the team and the project in its tough days , Just feels really good to know your on the right side of history after being hated on by literally everyone and coming out good ! And it also makes you realize that even the more popular youtubers get it wrong also, Have to always do your own research !



Specially if you take into consideration the timing of ETN in combination with a downtrend begin 2018. So it’s a relative new product, but contrary to hunderds of other projects in the same time released, ETN looks like it is being managed right and will survive, ready for the next phase of crypto growth. CEO knows this is going to happen and for this is making sure his product is fully ready when the moment is there!



Feels special dont it to be part of this story, front row seats in history :slight_smile:



OOOOOooooooooo…It feels fantastic…!! :+1::+1::grin::grin: Would love to hear what they gotta say now…!(they probably still find something wrong,…It’s in their Nature)…:thinking::thinking:
Been fighting Fudders for about 15 Months Nonstop…It gets tiring…:rofl::rofl:



Thanks for calling out the haters @Izmo! :+1:

I can honestly say I’ve never given any of the above my attention. I welcome contrasting view points, but my BS meter has a low threshold.

Not to mention some of these are just cries for attention with shameless click bait.

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Why are we giving these lemons publicity?

If they don’t like ETN project let them be why give them our valuable clicks?

Some of them are being controversial for their own purposes either drive price down and/or get traffic from our community.



One of the only ICOs that actually followed through. Salute to Richard and the team



Kate waiering or whatever his name is, is right. He nailed it since december 2017, however he expect etn to grow steady by 12 months since then so i believe he is on track again.
Very cool guy to follow. That is not his only video about etn tho.
He has videos where he talks about exchanges and how etn will be dumped under 0.02$ but overall he believes in etn.




I know how you feel when it comes to inaccurate criticism which seems to have an underlying agenda… but this kind of thread does nothing helpful or positive for the community or the project as a whole.

Electroneum is different to the rest of the cryptospace; not only in its goals and methodology, but also in how it conducts itself within the market.

I’m proud to be part of a project whose team who have never tried to raise their profile by attacking others.

A thread like this does two things:

  1. It gives free views and publicity to youtube channels who are spreading inaccurate information about ETN to further their own agendas.
  2. It breeds a culture of attacking others… which goes completely against how the team act.

As ETN moves towards mass adoption… its own success will be more than enough of a “i told you so”. Lets follow the teams example and be professional and courteous… even when faced with fudders. If you find people spreading incorrect information, of course, enlighten them to the facts… but lets keep that in a non-negative spirit.


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