Etn has the power 🔥 to overtake btc in futre


I really feel excited :laughing: and feel so luck to have joined etn since the beginning of it all, and my dreams are turning to reality all because etn is delivery beyond my expectations.
I strongly belive etn will overtake the mother of all crypto currencies (Btc) in the near future. If u also believe so shear ur Comment with me here.


I think it has the potential to exceed BTC’s user numbers very easily. KYC opens the doors to deals with major corporations in a way which BTC cannot do. Of course other altcoins may do the same as ETN, or are already doing it but I believe there is room in the world for more than one mass adopted crypto just like there is more than one fiat currency in the world.
IF an organization like Amazon or eBay wanted to accept a crypto as a form of payment then ETN is certainly one that they would look at as a possibility. This does not mean it will happen though!
What precise effect this would have on the price I don’t know, but it would be enormous.


I think it’s possible but we have to remember that BTC has so much value mainly because it’s tied to virtually every other crypto…“bitcoin dominance”. fiat pairings with ETN and the ability to access ETN as easily as possible will be what shatters the current paradigm.


BTC is too slow to be used for transactions day to day. Other coins will do that. It will be interesting to see where it all falls as BTC has a serious environmental issue with power usage. Other coins will be better such as DPoS like ARK. ARK is scaleable and fast and you earn interest on your staked coins. ETN looks like a good payment system and will do very well. I predict ETN and ARK to be the most successful projects in the future. In fact its possible for ARK to build a bridge to link to ETN. That is the power of ARK. It also remains to be seen if ETN can handle millions of transactions every day on its network. No one really knows if they can hold up to huge global demand yet…


I like the shape of ETN chart at CMC :heart_eyes:


ETN could one day overtrow bitcoin but it will be a very long road then we talk about years to come because bitcoin won’t just let himself be trown of the throne but i do think that if Electroneum manages to secure mass adoption and has millions of users that use Electroneum on a daily basis then i do think it could be possible for sure that one day we would reach that mark and overtrow Bitcoin or another coin if there is other coins who grew bigger then bitcoin already :thinking:


Ehh, I can’t imagine BTC being overthrown really if it continues to have a great history. It depends on the path other currencies end up having to take against BTC. Max supply will always be the same for Bitcoin, and if any other currencies resort to inflation and such, it’ll only solidify its position in the market. People may end up using BTC as a savings and other cryptos for normal payments.