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Hi all can anyone please assist me here. I downloaded the advanced GUI desktop wallet (thanks to Andrew) set it up. Then sent ETN from an exchange using the primary address. On the exchange’s end it says confirmed. But when I look up the transaction on blockexplorer electroneum it says “no record” then I check my wallet and balance is zero. Can anyone please assist?

I have a few questions to help sort this out.
How long ago did you send from the exchange?
Which exchange?
On your gui wallet is your blockchain fully synchronized?
If synchronized sometimes on the gui wallet you have to force a rescan to make it notice a new transaction.
It not being on blockexplorer yet implies that it is an unconfirmed transaction. Or a typo.

Hey buddy thanks for the reply! I sent 1.5 hours ago. Coinspot exchange in Australia. It says “complete”. Yes it was synced. To resync I exited wallet on Mac and stopped daemon system and restarted As well - still zero. I’m using advanced mode. I pasted in the TXID several times and just now again and it says “nothing”… here is the txid
I don’t understand why it’s not coming through! Thanks for any assistance

Stuff i see so far. That is not a valid transaction id. At least I don’t think it is.
I’m pulling up my gui wallet so I can better describe how to rescan.

settings then rescan wallet balance

I did that buddy. It still showed as zero

I scanned it as you said no change still zero.I

checked with Coinspot support and they said this

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Ok. That makes sense. I suspect the tx id they gave is internal to coinspot. Also 150 etn to send 509.57 is brutal. Hopefully this was your test run before doing a more serious amount. Best of luck!

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It was a test run that’s exactly correct. It is brutal I know. Did you see my screenshot of their explanation?

Both times yes. lol
I think you will be ok.

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Lol sorry man getting used to this community forum interface. Do you think it’s just delayed? Should turn up soon?

I’d check back on it tomorrow.
If that txid is clickable it may give you more detailed status. I’m not familiar with coinspot but many exchanges do it that way.

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It just says complete next to status and allows you to copy id and that’s all. Will check in and might be back with more questions. Lol. Just want to get it right before sending more is all! Tomorrow it will be. Thanks so much for your help brother!!

No problem at all. Let us know if it works out.

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As has been discussed above, until the exchange provide a transaction hash which you can look up on the blockchain explorer ( to find a confirmed transaction… then they havent sent anything and there wont be anything to find in any receiving wallets.

You need to be contacting the exchange support until that happens.

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