ETN Global community x Charity fund raising awareness and promotion


This thread is only to showcase the scale and determination of the multi thousand strong community to improve lives of those who need it most.

Concept is the team to set a date and time for the event, ideally in collaboration with a charity in that country and publish and market it in the best possible way.

Think red nose day (british charity funding event every year in africa) in a target market but with crypto currency - ETN donations.


@ETNCEO @MSystem

Whats the stance on etn and charity



I had an idea for a thread, this morning. It would be cool of we could get new South African customers to come here and let us know. It may take a couple weeks to mobile mine their first 100 ETN, so I would be willing to donate 100 ETN to new users, so they can get started on topping up their airtime. Would anyone else be willing to do this as well?


In short. Yes. I’ll do a couple for fun. There’s already another giveaway run by @Jernej, I forget the thread as I’m following so many these days!



I don’t agree with your idea.
today i cashed out up to 1700 etns just to buy vegetables and fruits for a few days.
(Cashing out while in 80 % loss is a nighmare)
And u talk of charity!
Charities spend more money on their staff than on poor people
they spend millions to buy or rent buildings
they spend millions on advertising.
if u ask them for help they say “” we don’t help individuals , u must be an organization to receive financial aid fron us "


I’m sorry for this response: are you quite mad? We are community members who are giving up our own coins to help people. This has nothing to do with the actual company. This is us as real people trying to help people we don’t actually know. Yes there is a personal interest in it. Let me assure you that if your tone wasn’t so negative then the community would almost certainly felt that they could help. If you have spent that amount of ETN today then did you mobile mine it?..or buy it?


I had bought them when it was about three cent per coin .
who can mine etn with this slow miner it takes centuries to mine 1700 etns via cloud miner.


I which case, I’m sorry that you had to sell at a loss.


Dont think you need to apologise @wTz1

Everyone knows Investments can go down as well as up, there us always going to he an element if risk but for those patient enough to wait and Hodl the rewards will come in time.

@DonyayaMayaya this thread is about the community donating financial value to those who need it most out of their own pocket, giving them something they never had before, and if you don’t agree thats a positive thing then I truly despair.

Lets keep this thread on topic please


In my country charity organizations help those who have connections.
They do not help real poor persons.
I hope in EU it be different.
I see dads who sell their kidney to pay for the hospital expenses of his wife or child.
I have seen mothers who cry,wail and beg for help in front of hospitals or on streets because if their kids do not have an operation they will die.
About 30 years ago, my dad sold all our sheep and goats to pay for my mum surgery, no charity helped us. And we moved to a town because we had no land and animals left.
When our rulers are corrupt it won’t be possible to eradicate poverty.
I just know that poverty, war , hunger…will always exist on this planet.
But we can decrease it!


In this day and age this kind of poverty should not be happening , the top 10 richest could feed cloth and house every person on the planet and still be in the top ten.

Greed is a sickening disease that will never go away