ETN giveaway through forum activities


Well, since the etn group already have a lot of ETN (A few billions) already locked up for an “airdrop through the mobile miner” and a %of ETN mined from ASICS already going into a pool for the mobile miner, why not putting a small % of the mobile miner pool into a “forum pool” and distribute a little etn through forum activities. It could be contests or a more ruled setting: for example, at every rank up you get 10,100, 200 etn. Or every week of active use of the forum you could get 15 etn… Something like that.

By giving away free cryptocurrencies, this forum would become the largest and most active community on the internet ahah

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I side with you and also believe that it will go a long way to encourage interactivity on the platform.


Not a bad idea but I think it would be best judged on how many helpful votes you get for your posts, that way its based off how helpful your being and not just your post count. Would be a good incentive for people to help each other on the forum.


Yes, of course. Etn giveaways should be aimed at promoting good forum behaviors and at Making good publicity to the ETN project. I am sure the devs could come up with an amazing prize and reward system


this will be great… it will encourage more user and our community will be doubled


Deeponion coins had a similar forum system, and I was able to get a few coins just by visiting and using their forum. It was very funny To do so and it helped them to start a very active community. I am sure electroneum forum will thrive with such a feature.


it will for sure…it will encourage users of the forum to have their presence always…


I disagree with this idea. I believe the forum should be for good reliable information. This Idea will take ETN from the people in developing countries that will help us with mass adoption. 100 ETN prize sounds good however, at the moment it is about $0.50 USD. This isn’t much to folks in the developed world but it is Huge to folks in the developing world. I think the team should keep to the spirit of mass adoption and give it to miners.


Yes, of course. One should be able to gain only a minimal amount of ETN through forum activity


I think its definitly a nice idea @Doctor also like a tip system would be nice that if you find help from someone really usefull that you can tip them some ETN for helping you out :thinking: but i think the badges and the amount of help someone does and get liked for also might be nice for people to earn some extra ETN even if it is just like 5 ETN it will most certainly inspire more people to help and use the forum a lot :blush:


I think it’s a great idea, will motivate users to take more initiative in helping others!


Yes! Tipping electoruem through the forum would be amazing! We just need a little wallet attached to our forum account we could put some etn into, and then a tip button under any post, just like the like button!


I would rather reward people for unique articles. Contribute to the viral effect


This is a great idea, and it would definitely draw more mobile miners to this forum…
Just wondering if too many join too fast does the system crash?