ETN GIVEAWAY (Have FUN with the BOT)

@kaiser24 I would suggest you to wait for a few more hours, so that many more people can join :slight_smile:

i will shorten the duration when we are many here…

:dice 2 and 5 If we go to bed will you post us tomorrow (that’s not in the rules lol)

maybe i should start 6pm

Agreed it’s 11:27 p.m. my time right now

My two number are 3 and 4

so this game will be continue later… my time now is 2:30 pm

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what is your question here @Thunder

Best of luck to you all, I am going to bed and I will think of something people can do to win some ETN for tomorrow.

see you soon… i will continue this later on :wink:… majority are sleeping as of now

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Cool! I love games that involve prizes!!

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Great stuff @kaiser24
Keep the team spirits up during the lows and the flat spots.
You amuse me…court jester stylin…

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come and join us later… i’m more than happy enough to help our community grow faster :grin:

:heart:+twenty squirrels (im out of likes)

haha… there’s always tomorrow :grin:

It gives me wait 40 minutes or wait two hours for more.
Its all good more you use the more medals you get.
I reckon if you use emeach day for a couple of months youll get a mother therasa badge

ah, i’m not always around so i didn’t experienced to emptied my likes

read the rules @Metaforia… i will continue this later on… so come and join :wink::grin:

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Hahaahahhahahah what the hell is the bot game??? AhhahahahahahahHa niiiiice!!! :smile::smile::smile::smile:

This community is great. Love you guys