ETN Gift Cards Now Available


ETN Gift Cards is offering a complimentary ETN gift card at to see how it works offline.

Prepaid card possibility

cool idea. This is a good way to carry a little cash with you



My compliments on your artwork your gift cards and your stunning website.
I wish you every success.
A lot of hard work shown here…
A perfect example of adoption and a very small taste of the bigger picture to come.
Well done!


The ETN gift card builder can be built offline. It was built for Electroneum and designed as a tool for Electroneum’s goal of mass adoption. Put a etn gift card in the hands of a friend or family member, and the Electroneum community can grow!


The Globe ETN Gift Card is now available with 200 other ETN Gift Cards. See how our ETN Gift Card Builder works offline today. Globe ETN Gift Card


We are exclusively using the ETN vendor software at If your not familiar with it give it a try!