ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club 😁


Just bought my weekly $30.00 of Etn again at 165 satoshis.




Yes 249 blocks to go!!!


Now 246! :joy:      


Anyone have an idea when the next ETN halving would be?


What next? Has there been one?


Maybe it’s becasuse it’s before my morning coffee here, but what are we talking about? Who’s halving what? Where?



Iced latte for me. Please and thankyou.



This is the one I was looking for:


Those were hilarious. :joy:


A double short fomo latte !! :slight_smile:


Since ETN is a POW coin , there has to be some halving sometime in order to sustain the ecosystem.Halving makes the coin become more valuable by reducing the block reward.


Inflames his wallet lining.

Inflames his wallet lining.

Inflames his wallet lining.



Since ETN has been around for a while , I assume it would have been halved for quite a few times.


O gotcha.

@ColinSTE and others were discussing that in FOMO a few days ago.


Here it is:



ETN does not do halving in the manner that BTC does. Each block award is a little smaller than the one before it. So it is a smoother continuous curve rather than a series of steps.


ETN doesn’t have halving events. It is a CryptoNote coin so they have a gradual declining emission rate for coins instead a halving event. So everyday you just get less coins than the day before.


So since you get less coins everyday , is there a probable forecast on when the last ETN coin might be mined?