ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club 😁


Congratulations on the professor title @CaptainMarvel … sorry im late to the party


That’s strange… I’m sure it used to be more…


Don’t hate, we’re just awesome like that!

(Totally joking btw, I was surprised to see it so soon.)

See you got your tweed jacket back… :grinning:


@stockssharesandunder Welcome to the ETN Zoo cheers mate!


Im never getting pro :expressionless:


Being a professor of all things Viking counts in my book. :+1:


I’m not sure if it’s such a deal , but I did hear. If you had too many warnings. But I’m a bit like you. I like to poke a little bit. But I stand by what I say and do. Always liked your contribution here man, no joke. :wink: you’re the one of the good guys for sure. I got a mental list going. It’s getting smaller. :smiley: don’t sweat it tho. Damn Gestapo. :slight_smile:


Dont forget-, bigbro is watching…lol


The rebel viking can never be professor, but i feel with you :slight_smile:


Yeah, nighty folks!
Im not a professor anyway, im a frontman :sunglasses:


Like this guy?


Wow… I’m so stoked…!!:partying_face::partying_face: A Friend of mine and a great contributor to the ETN Community Has Just Topped me up with some Data with ETN Through the top-up option in the Cloud mining App :open_mouth::open_mouth:…He’s on the other side of the World !! And in his words “was the Easiest process ever” …:sunglasses::star_struck:

Here Are The screenshots for the whole process …Step by step…IIt’sAwesome…!!
Thanks to my Good friend and Big ETN supporter !!
Phil Flykovski Butterworth :+1::+1::+1::facepunch:

Edit; Yes you can send Airtime to anyone but you have to be on the same Network !!.. We Using ETN (A cryptocurrency) and its Instant !!:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: A FIRST for Crypto as far as i know…!!!
And i would like to think that this is the worlds first Crypto to airtime/data transaction…!!


Can we all move back to fomo? :slight_smile:
@Dr_Jan_Itor is this thread done can we close?


I already did move back to FOMO. Just responding whenever someone does post here.

Don’t think it needs to be closed to use FOMO either.


Ok let’s have a permanent glad I didn’t miss out. :slight_smile:
Delete this bit:
During MWC, while we wait for FOMO Moonwalk to reopen, here is the place to chat about how we’re glad we got it in when we did. And so on and so forth.

And we have a place to be happy with our bags. :slight_smile:


That’s pretty sweet @purkiss80, glad to see everything coming together!


And edited.

20 post MWC edits :+1:


TANWAX has GIDMO What is TANWAX you ask? TANWAX = Small lake community on the West Coast of the USA Washington State South Pierce County. Tanwax is the first member of the ETN account named for location club.,-122.2737788,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x54911f4de15f7643:0x529be9d95577fb5!8m2!3d46.9496031!4d-122.2662229

Yes the whole Tanwax community has GIDMO that is right. David official Lake Tanwax ETN community representative.


Are you buying more today Tanwax? I have a decent sized order on Kucoin.


I’m going for more tomorrow. Down again . :slight_smile: