ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club 😁


Not to mention crashing the twitter servers with tipping overload like that one did yesteday.


Frome a Privacy point of view Facebook with Crypto is for me no more Facebook, and i delete all my connection on that platform. The amount of data and analyse they do is so scary that i keep my activety to a minimum.


Not for a second!

But then I don’t even have an FB…

Sadly, people will flock to it simply due to brand recognition.



Wasn’t it @Plankton that posted the pic of Zuck showing tape over his laptops mic and camera?

I’m glad electroneum has openly said they’re not selling users personal data for the foreseeable future. In ETN I trust, in this case.



I’m now one of the youngest Professors in this forum.



Just FYI regarding Binance and their voting process of listing coins:

(TIME: 35:25)


The average age on the forum is 19. :wink:


Then im a father to the forum :joy:,


Congratulations Professor @CaptainMarvel.
Well done.


I’m two years above average! Lol :joy:


Nice geographic penetration !


Youd be interested to look up the GSMA website too.
There’s a wealth of information there.
Great maps and the focus of the GSMA explained.


ohh i will thanks sir!


are the Unlimited company has a list of cities that under their network,


Ask Tika in there.
Or Maritz may know if you cant find it.


To answer nope, I don’t trust Zuck whatsoever and would never touch a FB coin with a 10,000 foot pole. They’ve grossly mistreated users and knowingly exploited their data amongst other things.


Any idea on the record for becoming a Professor with least read time?
My read time is 1 day out of 87 days visited.


Don’t know about read time as mine is 5 Days… (Not counting all the time spent lurking.)

As of today, I’ve officially visited 57 days. So that was 50 days that I got my tweed coat with leather elbow patches.



Makes me feel old now. haha :joy: