ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club 😁


Well in many of ETN’s target markets seconhand as is or reconditioned phones are the usual go to option for many. No warranty.

New with warranty vs used with unknown use history and unknown battery life left.

Easy choice if ya ask me.


Right. All About Tech mentioned that in his video. Good points.


All About Tech made some great points in a recent review of the phone.


Jinx you owe me a beer.


I will return to be “emgidmo” even more glad I didn’t miss out when we close out maximum on fomo club :zap:


Make it two :beers:


I’m headed back over to FOMO until will close that one out. FOMO round 2?

Or maybe it will really be GIDMO time by then, time will tell.

Bring on the FOMO!


All yours again, @Cosmicrypto! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Binance it’s not for us we are our own self contained unit and it will be too late for them by the time they realise it and they will be locked out in my opinion! Leave them to it!


After the community coin fiasco and the CEO’s rant about ICO’s which followed, I stopped saying anything about ETN to them. The day comes where they approach us, and I will leave it be until then, because frankly I have nothing nice to say about it.


I really don’t see any point in larger exchanges. Traders have their place but this does not really fit with the company’s vision in my opinion. Usability is key.


I asked for Binance earlier and Rachel gently say don’t ask about it again…


Right lets clear this up.
Its not about a listing,@The-Magic-Man
They offered to do a review…an unbiased report for the winner.

Theres already a petition done by the community, with 5000 people on it.
They arent interested.


Would you trust him?
A year ago , they were like crypto is a bad thing we won’t show you ads and now they come out with their own coin.
Noobs will follow him like sheep.


Not a chance, the trust I mean.
As for the coin it’s gunna happen. :frowning:


See what side the exchanges choose now!!


The exchanges will obviously be tempted considering the amount of people that might use the so-called crypto.


Facebook and thrust can’t be in the same sentence


Of course…
Hopefully it comes with the conditions of reinstating controlled advertising of real projects.
Not pump and dump ponzis and ICOs that are being dealt with currently by the SEC


My bad then @Pahini


I bet facebook will have a way to monitor every transaction in the so-called crypto and even a way to match crypto holdings with their users as it is based on Whatsapp.
They will keep on spying on you and they say ’ We’re making your lives better’.I think this coin might be lacking the anonymity factor.