ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club 😁


We are gaining miners like crazy


We will soon see the impact the ball is rolling. How long is the trip back to the office? :joy:


2,878,795 registered users. We will need a decent shiposting thread for the day we hit 3 million. Might even have my yearly beer.


Its the media coverage thats impacting. :blush:
Its no unbanked yet, its the banked that reads news. :clap:Ball rolls a bit


That’s amazing, and right, it should be scaled. 100 ETN in the UK is small change, I feel very happy to know that the coins are going exactly where they need to be…for use rather than speculation! Awesome! Thanks for the intel.


Ive been out today on the road, so might have missed who the special guest on stand was?

Anyone know? The whole ETN team already special to me but thought there was a guest?


Didn’t see a thing. I’m not sure if it happened…or news is slow…especially as we seek out everything and it gets posted. Although I would be rather annoyed if I was the team about the sweet machine incident. Perhaps they are holding off telling us as some of the community has been a bit naughty…


I feel like we are being punished too haha


What if the sweet machine was the special guest?

Let’s face it, it is pretty cool. Neat way to demonstrate the instant payment system. We didn’t know they were going to have it…

Just saying… Wouldn’t hurt my feelings.


Well, it would be rightly so. Fancy messing up all the work they have put in. Just stupid.


MWC is over. The chat is open


I only sent 1 ETN in my defense to see if it would work. No spamming. I think a few others took it out of hand shortly after that.

Oh well. Can’t do anything about it now but move on.


It did inadvertently demonstrate that we can pay for things for someone else which is something that I hadn’t considered, although it would have raised a few eyebrows with M&Ms or whatever being randomly dispensed. “Excuse me Richard, your machine seems to have gone mad…is this all it’s cracked up to be?” Not great.


Maybe. I dont think who was sending ETN to it meant it detrimentally.

I agree with another post about maybe next time if they share the code in the right way it could show how ETN holders around the world can contribute to the right cause every second.

Imagine next time if the candy machine was replaced with an investment capital for clean water filtration system(s) around the world?

How much at a designated event for the whole community to donate a few ETN to prove massive life improvements for the impoverished?

That should make headlines

At the end of the day, isnt this whats its all about?

This could make a huge marketing and education event if done in the right way with charities. I mean who would not donate??


I think it was once it hit Telegram it got out of hand. What is done is done. All in all from what I have seen the expo was a huge success. Onwards to 10m users!


YES! That’s a very positive spin and what I was getting at with the last post. It’s growing and evolving…and better minds are making it work. The team are the business, not a business…the business.


It was a good laugh among some community members. None of us here would want to sabotage our own investment. Chalk it up to the community being excited about something both impressive and novel.


are we moving back to FOMO or staying here?? I dont want to have to keep checking both!!


Move. Move . move


I just read as much of everything as I can! There’s always something I haven’t thought of regardless of the thread title.