ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club 😁



Electroneum M5g flagship in time ? :drooling_face:


I simpy pointed them to the app store.

This is one of my simplest ways of getting serious interaction.


That would be so pointless in the near future, unfortunately. 5G won’t happen in developing nations anytime soon, given the tech required to make it work at such a small wavelength. Not to mention, a lot of these areas don’t even have 4G yet. lol


The Unlimited social media and website didn’t mention ETN at all - I’m wondering if they send a text message to their customers at least




I’m curious if this is intentional, given the city-by-city rollout strategy.


Cool! Nice to see these things, it will all add up over time.


Not near future but the future. Not necessarily has to be targeted for them. I did recently read an article about a company wanting to set up 5g for South Africa though. I don’t recall which one but yes distant future defiantly wouldn’t be priority right now. I was just day dreaming


I think the marketing from etn and the unlimited hasn’t started yet.


I covered that yesterday.
We wont get 5G in australia for 2 years probably.
Just connectivity…thats why its specifically an affordable 3G phone.


No worries. :stuck_out_tongue: Definitely someday, unless they skip 5G, given tech advancement by then.


Right I wish the main page had a link to the above page and that the above page actually had an ETN logo or something on it. Maybe that is coming next week?


They are probably going to trial with the three cities than start marketing. Remember they have people on the ground so they have to trial with citizens working them through the process and product and gauge reaction so they can market most efficiently imo.



Sure and probably a lot of them aren’t going to the website anyway…

On the ground marketing works better there


Exactly they already know the process so why would they spend extra data going to the site imo
I feel they would send out a sms when ready imo.



I’d like some more promotional marketing from our first MVNO. Its not just our rodeo, maybe this is coming once everything is shown to work out well?

Do we start to influence this through social media channels or do we await their internal strategy?

Before we push them if any of the ETN team can advise be greatly appreciated.

One thing I admire is the ETN team transparency so please let the community know if this is already waiting in the wings.


They are starting in three cities with trials with people on the ground. See post above I tagged you in. This is my opinion.


If there is anything I trust Richard most with it is marketing he is doing it right imo.


Yes you’re right. He is a marketing genius.

That’s his thing so I shouldn’t really second guess him.