ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club 😁


Our time will come, just need patience. I’ve managed to get 5 X my target bag, maybe I’ll get 6 now.


lol I hear that. I have bought for the last time more times than I can remember.


Yes and unfortunately we get put in the same basket as all the other cryptos, to new investors. Once the unlimited has spread to the other cities and Thailand or Turkey is live, along with a lot of phones being out in circulation, then you know … :full_moon_with_face:


Let them hear it guys and gals.


Last night I re-watched all of the Richard and AAT interviews and looking back they are laser focused and achieving so much. It was really interesting going back and watching it all again actually. There is a lot of good information.


Woo commerce plugin download update

Today 3
Yesterday 5
Last 7 Days 23
All Time 655


:heart: & Retweeted thankyou.


That image is barbaric :)lol


You know, Im liking liquid a lot more now. Hehe. They are legit. :wink:


Interesting numbers, definitely.


Yeah, I love liquid (and their support team!)


I agree. I was also not a big fan of the phone…but it seems to be a bigger hit than I thought it would be. And most importantly SA seems to be excited.


Stay calm. Stay composed. Stay measured.

We are still embryonic, we are still making progress, but that doesn’t make us any less ground breaking.

We don’t have the volume or the exposure yet but it will come, I’ve no shadow of a doubt.

Rome wasnt built in a day.

And that’s coming from a Manc Italian. :zap:


My main concern is that if the price doesn’t go up soon, I will have to start working weekends to support my ETN habit.


Fishsticks n beans today also kids! Mmmmm…
Live like a unbanked😂


Miners above 127k. Jumped 1k in last few hours.


We are growing nicely :slight_smile:


This is an idea of what theyre pushing from MWC19


Not just 5G… butmobile networks in general— connectivity, coverage adoption.
Getting it out to remote areas.


Some of the new for shure will find their way onto an exchange… :yum:
Tik tak


I think we should switch strategy with Binance.
We should stop pointing them to electroneum site instead pointing them to the news sites with articles about electroneum IMO