ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club 😁


Haha Shot Bro :sunglasses: Trying best I can


Im so excited right now. I dont ever want to hear: “Im only making .2 an hour” again. Lol. @ETNCEO and the team know what they are doing people. Wow.


Woooowwww this gets me so much fomo :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


what do i miss in FOMO? …


Think about it guys. This is a crypto company that is on track to make a real difference. 3$ is going to have a significant impact that we can only imagine.


When I read all the articles that have been coming up I can tell how versed people in general are with ETN. They dont fully understand what is going on. When they do, this is going to blow.



I posted the other day how I didnt understand the decision to market the M1.

I’ve been amazed at how well it has been received across all sorts of media and the attention it has generated. I would have expected people to have been focussing on the real world use-cases like the The Unlimited deal but I havent seen any articles on that, just on the phone.

Well done team :smile::smile:


Thats what im saying! The story will eventually be ‘ETN is using blockchain to bank the unbanked and include the less fortunate to take part in the digital economy’. And only crazy people will think thats a waste of blockchain tech. Then all other cryptos will try to imitate this because they’ll realize this is the first and MOST impactful use case for cryptos :sunglasses:


Some stands did look very expensive in that video.

I wonder if we’ll get a round-up in a few weeks on how it went for the team??



I’m sure they have lots to tell us when they get back to the office. I noticed no words in the video than Richard slowly closing the stand while smiling in the end. Seems he is pleased with the event.

Great work Electroneum :clap:
You truly stand apart and are so passionate about the project :zap:
Well on our way of the start of financial inclusion for everyone and obtaining mass adoption.
The hard work and dedication is not unnoticed.
Onwards and upwards :zap:

:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:



Regtech leader posted article on Electroneum :zap:


I’m so happy with all that has been announced, it’s all just spot on. In a few years, it’s gonna have blown up big time.


It boggles my mind that investors are not scrambling to get in this. Oh well, they will in time.


I’m surprised it didn’t have a little pump, but never mind. Just more bag filling time.


It hit about 252 sats momentarily early in the week. Then back down quick.


Theyre not scrambling to get on anything,nearly everything in the top 100 has dumped.


Nay sayers in crypto always say nay if they’re against it until it’s too late. The adoption is more important right now it’s about the 99% imo. Not the 1% here now. A nice steady Incline in volume will come with adoption and users in time. For now it’s still the wild west of crypto.