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Remember, there’s a reason it’s called “programming.” :wink:


@Dr_Jan_Itor NLP


My in laws just got back from iceland where they got this:

It’s on my bucket list. All the times I’ve been to AK have been in the spring/summer, so I have yet to see it.

They did bring me back this though:


Thanks for the link Magic! :+1:

I am familiar with the concept, but decided that I need this coffee :coffee::coffee::coffee: to kick in before further reading…


Good old Brennvin. Mmm. Burnwine.
Thats aquavit. Potato spirit.



I didn’t get to sample it yet, house projects over the weekend including drywall, didn’t want to start doing this instead:



Nice picture

Ill have to try that…



I’ve only ever seen it from a plane, not stood on the earth. Was still good, but it don’t count. Leaving Vancouver heading north at night. :slight_smile:


Hauling explosives are you


Russian boy cries his MOM will sell his s-hit coins



I copy that. Nice pic :joy::joy:


Soul fill



so, we are filled up for another week of crypto nowhere, hehe


Well, you never know. Markets look a bit gloomy though. Never mind. Keep on trucking!