ETN Friends HappyOur


Hows the salty wiking!


Its a bit bissi at work. (Pharao wheel)
Cannot be as active right now😐


I go for fresh air and ski when its hard times :sunglasses: fantastic weather today


The great outdoors… best healer we can get



That is a beautiful picture … new screensaver



Right then folks. The position is clear that we shouldn’t do PMs on a large scale. Fair enough, rules are rules. I would quite like to continue our happy chats here and hopefully get to know some more members as our community grows. Just remember privacy settings if you post photos etc. The forum has lost a little momentum of late in my opinion. It’ll soon be happy hour again. Squeeze the last out of the weekend. There’s a new week coming and new opportunities!


its easy to boos this, its still one of the big threads in number of posts :grin:


Oh yes, we seem to just congregate in the Moonwalk thread which is great, but I just noticed that it is in exchanges and futures. Here is for the waffling kind!


What you doing Jonne ? Fork lift license?
Trying to translate



At the usual risk of coming across dumb, is that a rendering or an actual picture?


Electroneum in the cryptoworld from a dog view

ETN helps pushing XRP in the right direction


When realise the market sentiments


Landbased transport of dangerous goods. :sleeping:
License renewal


I have no idea.
Its hard to tell these days…nonetheless spectacular art



Yes, that pic is real. they use special timings, lens settings to capture the lights and colours


So amazing Jonne.
I have seen it down here.
Not too many people have.
Nothing like what you get in the Northern Hemisphere.


Never seen it …

One of my dreams is to goto to top of the planet and just sit and watch this amazing phenomenon