ETN Friends HappyOur


We are at 20k, maybe more if cryptopia opens😄. Havent heard from @Tanwax yet.


@Tanwax is a good guy. Community minded. Hint hint!


Noticed that earlier today.
So not possible to invite.
No way to get invite badge


Certain users abuse the system on many fronts.
I can only put 2&2 together here.
I see it on a daily basis


This software is proprietary forum used by many communities, maybe time for a new version 2.0.
Don’t forget to invite me when you get it sorted. :slight_smile:


Get him in telegram my friend


Think that’s the point as the forum is about to get flooded with users


Ah, he usually appears when i go to bed :smile:.
Im about to, so we can catchup tomorrow.
Looking forward to post about etn over speakers, guess i need to do youtube then🤔


She is one fine woman


I just jumped on been away a for 24 hours
send me the QR code over in telagram


Yes, :blush: no doubt a beauty to bear Etn logo.
Just summing up for the time now tanwax, to see if we scrape enough,. I will post contract etc and do the practical before i gather in. You in for sum?


@JonneHex count my 2500 ETN in.


I’ll put some in bud… 2000 ETN


Tnx jernej! I was to tag you, :sunglasses:
Tnc magic, you really has done morevthan enough also.
We’r at 25k almost then, @Tanwax what could you spare?


I have 1000 I will send over


Tnx! We are halfway then. :blush:


Fantastic going @JonneHex. How long do we have to get the deal done?


I might have to call it off, time is short. :thinking:


@JonneHex What would be the hold up!?


She need answers soon, but we are too short.