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Not so sure about that, she wouldn’t be sponsored by Electroneum, she would be sponsored by some of the community. There is a difference.


Sounds like a good cause @JonneHex.


I just imagined that it was one of my kids and thought, wow, imagine some people from the internet sponsoring them in the name of…what was it again…OH, that looks cool…I’ll tell people about it. Great job @JonneHex you have to put your coins where your mouth is. Not directed at you @Pahini you do your own thing.:heart:


hmm, this is an interesting debate i guess, this community is owned by electroneum so i would say maybe you are right. like say if i wanted to use the bitcoin logo, i would need to seek permission, maybe from satoshi. like if i had a top up shop i probably wouldn’t need a legal document to paint an etn logo on my shutters. if this project is to thrive, its use can not be controlled with regard to entrepreneurship and such. just an idea, my thoughts… ads for sponsors no it would not be an ‘official’ thing, but that wasn’t implied. and the topic is still open. so i guess thats also an answer. :slight_smile:


I to a certain extent agree. Although if it was my company and someone paid their own money to sponsor someone in my name I would think that’s great…hold on, am I now going to get everyone asking me to sponsor them? If ‘I’ did it once for a kid, why wouldn’t I do it for a hospital in Africa etc etc. I’m not trying to be negative. Maybe it would be better if she was sponsored by the Electroneum Community? These are answers for someone far more involved with the project than me. I like to live by the rule of do no harm. I love this project and will not do anything to cause additional work for those running it.


yes totally agree, easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
and jonne can just sponsor in the ‘name of the community’ anyway. :slight_smile:


Yep, so maybe we are asking to be allowed to use the logo to represent the community donation and not implying that the company did it, just that we are doing it in the name of the community. Nice, I like your train of thought. Sponsored by the Electroneum community. A global team for a global coin? Or something or other…


I slumped when I hit home mate you mean invite!? My button is missing!?


Who was the speaker!?


Dunno. Perhaps there was no one…or perhaps it’s a secret…for now.


No invite buttons no more.
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It matters not. We can always name people. Nice and easy.


I suppose it was abused so it dissapeared like everything else includig 3babs title
Oh yes there is no connection to the two just happen to notice.


I thought it odd too.


Yeyes, i see your point. Ive said to her im asking the community of my project i follow, etc. But i need to use the Etn logo, but sponsor can be electroneum community f.ex
The important is to let the word electroneum slide into ears


Makes sense, either way. I’m in.


I explained, and linked her of course, she was suprised excited :smirk:


I’m excited to be part of it @JonneHex. Making people happier is important to me. Let’s see how we get on over the next week, let’s not let her down.


This is our player, player of the year last season.


We can do this. I’m not in the best of states to coordinate a fundraiser right now. How many ETN are we short right now?