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321 , Rachel closes the backup. :slight_smile:


No less than 15 year old Malt Whisky vending machine, now that would be nice.

Oh c’mon Jonne, Coinbase dropped me in the :poop: again, :rofl::rofl::+1:


When i was at school and the firs Motorola phones that was portabole like in a wallet arrived, a friend of me got a phone. We went to town and start calling the phone boxes in the middle of the street. Sometimes a unlucky took the phone and answered :slight_smile: So we did have a little chatt and after a few min we described the unluckys cloth or any thing so they did understand we was watching… It was many hilarious reactions… wish i was a kid again lol. Now it is QR codes.


Just human behavior.
Its simply evolution.
They spent how much for hacker one to find errors in a code?
Now they know.


It was posted in telegram so we are not to blame they are just proving that by stopping the thread think people. :blush::+1:


@King_of_Sparkles stopped the thread.
Was for the best.


Good… it needed to be under control.


Just a Q.
For some seasons i have been sponsoring a soccergirl. Plays at the local team, and also on county talent team. Trough my firm. All players at the team are getting in local sponsors every year. Sponsors are named in team mag, and profiled on matches. This year im not finding resources to do it. But i tought of doing it with Etn. And profiling Etn on her. That would make a good name spread. So Q, any interest of a crowdfund here on that?
I would showcase it in my happyour if this was to be.
Cost on the player is 3000nok.
Around 50k etn.
But its a good profile, trough the season.
I could do a bit myself.


Im shure @B.F.A can validate.


Give it a tought. I think i could do a 5000etn or more for it.


I can confirm what @JonneHex is saying and is the truth so it is good.


When do you need sponsorship sorted by @JonneHex, soon or for next season?


She had a sponsor, but it crashed late, its for season start now, yes.
It could be a nice profiling. The name of player and their sponsor are named up each time by the speaker on home matches. And its profiled in the team paper. :blush:
If we got enough we could do it. If people post what they can spare, lets see if we reach 50k?


@JonneHex. I can’t spare anything for a few weeks as I am taking the kids to Disney in Paris. After I’m back though I’ll happily throw in some fiat or ETN. Is that going to be any good…and of April?


Yeah, name your donate, i could put in for it meanwhile, i can do etn, or paypal.
Would be so cool to see Etn logo, and hear on the speakers.:joy: They got 500-2500 on the matches, all will wonder wtf is Electroneum. And the paper reach the whole town.
The cost is cheaper than 1normal inprint advert in paper. And this is whole season.
@PrestoCrypto @Maritz @Cosmicrypto @Annastasia @Tanwax @UltimAL75 @RSKNOR @Storm @Plankton @KarEnTam


I’ll match your 5000 ETN. Ok?


Address please Jonne.


Wait see if we reach. I dont want to give the Girl a yes before its done. :sunglasses::heartpulse::heartpulse:


As soon as Cyrptopia opens, I am happy to donate @JonneHex :heart: