ETN Friends HappyOur


Yes, fjord cruise into the westfjords is fantastic. 1500m mountains raising straight up from the sea. The fjords is also over 1000m deep🤗


i would love to see that . its on that very long etn moon bucket list…
you live in a beautiful place jonne


Anyone getting excited for the United Liverpool derby?

Ole’s at the wheel!!


I like Ole!
But im Liverpool fan. :wink: @CaptainMarvel
Been drunk at the cavern unce upon… :sunglasses:


Nice dock my brother I would love to fish for cod off the dock.


Nil nil … :slight_smile:


Check in check out, good night. :slight_smile:


Good night my friend have ETN Dreams.


can’t wait to float around on lake fomo, and drink a beer. maybe help you fix up that truck… :slight_smile:


@JonneHex Englishmen build a Viking house.


Tanwax Lake?


Nope I think that looks like California Mt Shasta


I came across a few stuuning photos.
Didnt have the locations unfortunately.
Be a good place for a shindig.


I was here yesterday… been past many times … amazing


Amazing Photos of a beautiful place


Fomo moonwalk. :frowning:


Ehehehe, lord folks, i saw the QR posts. Very funny, kinda😂.
But the shait spread to the telegram where the nasty guyz is. :scream:


But damn so over bearing really.
Did the thread need to be closed.
The internet thing is a fun place. :slight_smile:


Should be opened again after MWC. :wink:


I see the use in this if somebody i know need a coke. F.ekx you Ultimal, standing broke in front of a machine, and you ding me. Or in the bar. Buy me a beer friend. From miles away😂.
Or have fun with plumping out free gums in africa 10000km away