ETN Friends HappyOur


Oh you really are having a magical holiday aren’t you?!! :purple_heart::sparkling_heart::blue_heart:


Saw this and thought you might like it

Its called sweetheart abbey… under repair


Looks like a nice place…


Lovely place well worth a visit


Woop. My wifes brother came with new rations of homemade rawjuice. Blueberry and Rips. And blueberry, rhabarb and rips mix. :yum: and also blueberryjam and the Gold itself, Cloudberryjam


Looks delicious jonne !!!


Yes, it is, @Pahini style… :blush:


WoW…my style alright.
Fig jam is a favourite too.
You know Fig Jam @JonneHex?
(Fock Im Good Just Ask Me)



Nice very nice most exceptionally nice.


Yeah, nice day. Cold for you guyz. But for me, coast, no snow and 3C+ is delicious now😂
My daughter jumped in the sea today. Thats 5C warm. Hehe. Winterbath


Not too bad.5º
We’ve got a cyclone coming in here at the moment.
Just really strong winds, rain and a big swell.
Were too far South for any real devastation.


They got 13_15 metre swell off Mooloolaba thats about 3 hours north of me.



Can i come …

Looks beautiful @JonneHex


Yes, short way to the sea. :blush:. Its mirror today, no wind at all


That looks divine Jonne! :blue_heart::chipmunk::orange_heart::chipmunk::blue_heart::chipmunk:


Smashing photo …

Lovely to wake up too…

Enjoy the peace



That looks the business Jonne. The more I see, the more I want to visit Norway. My in-laws did a fjord cruise and said it was amazing, they got lucky and saw the Aurora Borealis. I need that in my life.