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I like the occasional Jura :wink::tumbler_glass:


Skip ohoi!


Hoop! Not so green, but no snow. Fabolouse


I think I would like to go fishing here. What kind ot fish do you catch. We catch Salmon, Stergon, Crab, Cod,and sharks.


Most common is Cod, Pollock, haddock, mackerel, Herring, halibut. Maybe a redfish.
Crab and kingcrab. Salmon and sea trout other equipment., more difficult.
For a quick meal you get cod in 10minutes.


i have been fishing my whole life for a mermaid and al i got was a grum… B…WIfe


looks like a lovely place @JonneHex
Is holiday time?!


:abcd: :beer: :clock10:



Yes, its one week winterholiday,
But we stribe with dragging the ‘kindergarden pukedisease’ with us. Im now the only one left. :smile:


How are the kids @JonneHex i hope they are feeling better.

Oh dear … gas masks and bleach everything …

Hope they get better soon


Greetings from a scottish forest …


Keep an eye out for haggis running around. :eyes:


Hahahaha thares a wee haggis aboot

Just saw a red squirrel !!!

You can just make him out…


If you zoom in you can clearly see it shouting




Forum funny of the day

I laughed out loud … brilliant


Hehehe :joy: love that @UltimAL75!!


Oh my goodness! Is that on the Outlander set??! Boy I love that show :smiley:


Just a forest near dalbeattie

Started to rain and windy so were headed off back to warmth lol


Wind and rain doesn’t faze our little HODL friend.

Zoom into the bottom right of last photo, you missed the hodler doing it’s floating yoga session. :face_with_monocle: