ETN Friends HappyOur


Yeah.It was written by the squirrels.
It said that the squirrels’ economy was going nuts.


Today we have day off in Slovenia :slovenia:. Ao time fore skiing :skier:.


Nice! Slovenia and Planica skiflying is on my bucket list, i said before.:blush:.
And ompa ompa beer of course


Todays paper on my stairs must be a sign…


Has it got snow chains on the tyres? Haha :joy:


Special ice pigs, (rallyice spikes) :smile:
Yes, ski box on lambo is a must


Who the hell would put a top box on a god dam lambo hahahahahaha…

Could be a sign jonne …


I was thinking it was donut :doughnut: time otherwise!! :thinking:


I’ve seen one in army camo before if your rich it’s just eccentric!! Haha :joy:


Hahahaha , on a normal car yeah but a lambo , surely your speed would be restricted due to the angle of the box and the aerodynamics…

Crazzzzyyyy lol


That does look awesome


It looks so beautiful @Jernej :snowflake::snowman_with_snow::snowflake:


ETN logo on the bonnet!? Maybe!?


I think the snow might slow you down slightly… :blush:


Yeah etn blue with the flash in bright blue on the bonnet with electric flashes coming off it …


Good point hahahaha



One of the dudes on the X on Ice, weekend has the Lambo Aventador S roadster, v12 740hk, looks like a stealth jet. :star_struck:.
Lambo Urus. Porche GT2RS, Ferrari GTC4lusso, etc… playground


This message is another place.


Been a while since Brown Spirits now. :thinking:im waiting for BIG to celebrate…


Yea let’s get it soon.:slight_smile:

Mmm mmm. Brown spirits. :wink: