ETN Friends HappyOur


@Tanwax happy Day i want a burger like that, it looks awesome… :tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree::tanabata_tree::confetti_ball:


Yeah happy birthday @Tanwax 21 plus again! :sunglasses::+1::v:


Spent the whole day drylining and coving, time for a beer or two. What (if anything,) have I missed? Do I need my space suit yet?


Thank you all for Birthday well wishes I feel the love @JonneHex the cake burger is a viking burger it can feed easy 8-10 people. I think that is about the right size for a viking long boat crew.


Ehehehehe :sunglasses::grin:
I would help if i was there,


The cider’s kegged and another batch of mead is cold crashing before bottling. Can I pour a glass for anyone?

Happy hour for sure. :grin:


I think we might get friends :smile::yum:


I’ll keep that glass clean and cold for ya. :+1:



I’m back after 2 weeks.
Missed you all!

Did i miss anything interesting??


Welcome back… You missed everything! :smiley:
iOS release, video updates, Ells email, website update, first secret announcement will be revealed a week prior to MWC and much more (Can’t think of what else right now)!
Also, the Gala (thread)! You’re just in time to pop in and show off your outfit :business_suit_levitating:t3::business_suit_levitating:t3::business_suit_levitating:t3:


Welcome back @CryptoRidz

The best is yet to come.

.mwc2019 19 days to go


Welcome back!
You have a book of reading to do :joy:


I’ve been reading books for 12 hours a day for the past 2 weeks.So i would definitely read another, especially if its about ETN and this community.


Skitour. :blush:


Pingle Rsk :joy:



We love our books!


It’s Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge’s birthday!

The guy who invented caffeine.
The world owes a lot to him.


Currently I’m reading ‘The internet of Money’.Guess what it’s about?


Squirrels no doubt…
Ive read it before.
It was written by Squirrels for the squirrels!