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were you the one who just donated? if so tysm!


It wasn’t me but wait for some… it will come people donate to people.


Another 550, who to thank?!


My Birthday today. I went and had a hamburger we went to Patty’s burgers on 56th and South Tacoma way in Tacoma, Wa. we had the Patty’s special their is one bigger it is the Cake burger The patty’s special has 4 pattys on it and the cake burger has 7 pattys on it. Special is $25 USD and the cake burger is $50. It was very good.


:four_leaf_clover::sparkles::confetti_ball:HAPPY :confetti_ball::sparkles::four_leaf_clover:
:star2::ribbon: BIRTHDAY :ribbon::star2:
:balloon::gift: TANWAX!!!:gift::balloon:

May many ETN come your way!


Happy birthday sir @Tanwax ! That burger looks amazing I might need to put it on my bucket list!


There is a bigger one however this one will easy feed 5


I think I have fomo for patty’s cake burger. :joy:


It is too big there was 6 teenager boys and they bought 3 cake burgers and this is way more than 20 people can eat.


It sounds amazing haha oversized food is great :sweat_smile:


This is what I had to take home to much food


Birthday dinner successful :+1::joy:


Good grief! That’s a BURGER! Hope you had a great day Tanwax. :balloon::balloon:


I’m just Reading Richards email (from my inbox this time,)…does anyone else have Richards voice in their mind as they read it…because I do. Very odd. Still it’s nice to re-read it. Now I must do building things. :grimacing:


Happy birthday @Tanwax hope you’ve had a fantastic day !!!

Hugs and respect from a fellow fomosapien …



Yes I know etn terms are 18
On the Apple store it says 4+
I’m guessing ranter has iPhone.


Maybe @JonneHex maybe me. :slight_smile:


It is a bit confusing. Well I think you only have to be over 18 to use the app? Not to buy ETN though :thinking:


Well, must be 18 to own a phone number too. My kid has the app of course, as i have an account on the miss, but i cant do more than 2kyc in the house.


@Tanwax Congratulations! Woooah! Thats one Viking burger!
Nice place, it strikes me just as i imagine a classic american burger place!
You and wife seems like a very kind couple!